6 Mar Bird survey

Over the last month, water levels have dropped considerably. Water bird populations are generally low, but the diversity of species has been reassuring, including the presence for some weeks of Australian Pelicans, possibly attracted by the abundance of mosquitofish in the large freshwater lake

The number of Superb Fairy-wrens, although lower than last month remains high with a low proportion of mature blue males. This confirms that there is a high proportion of juvenile and immature birds making up the count.

The Sacred Kingfisher record is pleasing. Note that Welcome Swallow numbers are down again. Volunteer work in the park is getting back to pre-Covid levels.

left: Dusky Moorhen with dependent young.

photos: Ursula Dutkiewicz

Report prepared by Rob Youl robmyoul@gmail.com & Andrew McCutcheon, awmccutcheon1@bigpond.com