About our amalgamation

Westgate Biodiversity: Bili Nursery & Landcare Incorporated was established in June 2018 by the amalgamation of the Friends of Westgate Park and the St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Cooperative.

Our organisations had worked together for over a decade. We have complemented and supported each other by exchanging expertise, plants and seeds, helping with event management and engaging with members of the community interested in our work, particularly volunteers.

We agreed that the benefits of amalgamating and locating our new organisation on a purpose-built compound and nursery (on the Westgate Park Wharf Road triangle) were substantial and indeed necessary for long term sustainability.

Our objectives have always been strongly aligned.

We are governed by a volunteer Committee of Management, initially made up of four members appointed by each of Friends of Westgate Park and St Kilda Indigenous Nursery.  They are:

Lyn Allison, president                                   Lecki Ord

Patrick Honan, vice president                      Richard Gray

Tony Flude, secretary                                   Janet Bolitho

Rosey Haas, treasurer                                  Helen Quinn

Within 18 months of incorporation the committee will be elected by the members in the usual way.