Our vision, mission & what we value

Our vision

  • Indigenous vegetation is valued, understood for its importance to biodiversity and widely adopted
  • People are actively engaged with nature
  • The history and culture of this place is acknowledged and celebrated
  • Our work is admired for its effectiveness in advancing biodiversity

Our mission

  • To enhance and protect the natural environment of the Sandbelt Region of Melbourne using indigenous plant species
  • To complete the revegetation and associated landscape projects and continue to care for Westgate Park
  • To grow and supply indigenous plants of local provenance
  • To inspire our members and the general community about urban biodiversity and healthy environments and to encourage them to volunteer and engage with nature
  • To build and share our expertise and to evaluate our work

We value

  • The high quality of the 120,000 or so indigenous plants we propagate each year
  • The effectiveness of our planning and planting practices and the knowledge we bring to this work
  • The enthusiastic engagement of volunteers in growing and planting and the skills and experience they share with us
  • The growth in biodiversity that results from our efforts
  • Behaviour that is ethical and honest in all that we do
  • Our record of having safe and happy workplaces
  • The support we enjoy from people and organisations with whom we interact
  • The respect we earn for the quality of our work and the good relationships we develop with others
  • The personal growth and innovation that is fostered in our relationships with staff and volunteers
  • The great diversity of people who engage with us
  • A culture that is welcoming and in which people can contribute in ways that suit them
  • The good health that comes with the physical and social experience of working outdoors with others

Adopted as part of our Strategic Plan 2018/19 – 2021/22