Our vision, our mission

Our vision

  • Indigenous vegetation is valued, understood and the preferred choice for public and private landscapes
  • People are actively engaged with nature, observing, growing and caring for indigenous plants and animals in Westgate Park and beyond
  • People are connected with the histories of Westgate Park and traditional ownership is acknowledged and celebrated
  • Our organisation is respected for its success in protecting and advancing local biodiversity

Our mission

  • To protect and enhance the natural environment of the Sandbelt Region of Melbourne using indigenous plant species of local provenance
  • To care for the indigenous plants and fauna within Westgate Park
  • To grow and supply indigenous plants of local provenance
  • To welcome and connect the local community to Westgate Park and Bili Nursery
  • To inspire our members and the community about:
    • the importance of urban biodiversity and healthy environments
    • the value of time spent in nature, either actively participating in landcare and nursery activities or observing and enjoying nature
  • To influence the planting choices of our neighbouring land managers and to share our expertise more broadly, with the community and with designers and managers of open spaces
  • To evaluate our work and be curious and inspired in our approach to improving our practices
  • To support others who are working to increase biodiversity in the community
  • To recognise the traditional ownership of the land and to reconcile the history of disconnection through our work

Revised December 2021