What biodiversity means to us

Biodiversity is the sum of life on earth.  For our work it means conserving and fostering the life that evolved in this place over millennia, in all its diversity and interconnectedness.

For us biodiversity starts with growing plants that are indigenous, with mulch that helps create good soil and careful planning that establishes diverse and healthy natural habitats for wildlife.

We measure our success in fostering biodiversity by the quality and provenance of plants we propagate, the seeds they produce and the naturalised landscape we create.

We count and endeavor to identify species of fauna and fungi present at Westgate Park. We observe the food chains, the successful raising of offspring, the natural regeneration of plants, the ingenious means by which fungi disperse their spores, birds protect their eggs, spiders catch prey.

There is genius in the life cycles of insects, the symbiotic relationships, the role of predators, herbivores, the decomposers, the pollinators, the primary producers of sugars, nectar and pollen.

We identify birds by their calls and frogs by their celebration of rain, marvel at the colour or the camouflage of butterflies, dragonflies, flies, bees, beetles and bugs.  We watch for the robustness that withstands droughts and caterpillars and balance that is necessary for biodiversity to be sustained.

And, finally, humans are part of biodiversity; working intelligently with nature and each other, organising, labouring, communicating and being inspired by the profound beauty and complexity of life.