Bili and our logo


We named our plant propagation and revegetation operations Bili Nursery and Bili Landcare respectively.  Bili is Boon Wurrung for small lizard-like skink – and a nod to SKINC – and it was the name suggested to us by Elder Auntie Fay Stewart Muir.

See here for what we know of the landscape of Lower Birrarung (Yarra River) in the pre-European environment. See too our plant species sections for what we know about Aboriginal uses of the plants we grow.

The logo was designed for us by Jack Dashiell Howe – – and uses the small and lovely flower of the Correa alba– White Correa – as the icon.

We like the way the icon celebrates the symmetry of plants and the generally muted aesthetic of locally indigenous species with Correa alba’s waxy-white petals and grey-green leaves that have a paler, more velvety underside. And there is no mistaking the Westgate Bridge pylon strings from which it hangs.

The Avenir Black and Avenir Medium fonts complement the bold shapes and colours.

Thanks Jack!