Community benefit

We are all about community and improving the environment

As Westgate Biodiversity: Bili Nursery & Landcare grows and evolves, we envisage a future in which;

  • revegetation of Westgate Park with indigenous vegetation will be completed and maintained
  • the Park will be valued and enjoyed by more people as a healthy, natural, urban environment
  • production of indigenous plants can be expanded and plant stock made available to more councils, residents, landscape contractors and others in the wider Sandbelt region of Melbourne
  • our propagation of rare and endangered plant species will assist in their survival
  • more volunteers of all ages and backgrounds can be encouraged and engaged in safe, meaningful and rewarding work – giving back to nature – and in many cases helping people gain employment
  • students of all ages can learn about nature and see first hand how indigenous habitat fosters biodiversity – birds, insects, fungi and much more…
  • more nature-based events and activities can held for members of the community