Bird list – wetland-dependent & raptors

Stubble QuailVery Occasional Visitor
Magpie GooseVery Occasional Visitor
*Musk DuckPast Visitor
Black SwanFrequent Visitor/breed
Australian ShelduckVery Occasional Visitor
Australian Wood DuckVery Occasional Visitor
Pink-eared DuckVery Occasional Visitor
Australasian ShovelerOccasional Visitor
Grey TealFrequent Visitor
Chestnut TealCommon Resident/breed
Pacific Black DuckFrequent Visitor/breed
HardheadFrequent Visitor
Blue-billed DuckVery Occasional Visitor
Australasian GrebeFrequent Visitor/breed
Hoary-headed GrebeFrequent Visitor
Great Crested GrebePast Visitor
Rock DoveFrequent Visitor
Spotted DoveCommon Resident
Diamond DoveVery Occasional Visitor
Common BronzewingVery Occasional Visitor
  Crested Pigeon Frequent Visitor
*Australasian GannetPast Visitor
Australasian DarterOccasional Visitor
Little Pied CormorantFrequent Visitor
*Great CormorantFrequent Visitor
Little Black CormorantFrequent Visitor
*Pied CormorantOccasional Visitor
Australian PelicanOccasional Visitor
Australasian BitternPast Visitor
White-necked HeronVery Occasional Visitor
Eastern Great EgretFrequent Visitor
Intermediate EgretVery Occasional Visitor
Cattle EgretVery Occasional Visitor
Little EgretVery Occasional Visitor
White-faced HeronFrequent Visitor
Nankeen Night HeronVery Occasional Visitor
Glossy IbisPast Visitor
Australian White IbisOccasional Visitor
Straw-necked IbisOccasional Visitor
Royal SpoonbillOccasional Visitor
Yellow-billed SpoonbillVery Occasional Visitor
Black-shouldered KiteOccasional Visitor
Whistling KiteVery Occasional Visitor
Black KiteVery Occasional Visitor
Brown GoshawkOccasional Visitor
Collared SparrowhawkVery Occasional Visitor
Swamp HarrierVery Occasional Visitor
Little EagleVery Occasional Visitor
Nankeen KestrelOccasional Visitor
Brown FalconOccasional Visitor
Australian HobbyOccasional Visitor
Black FalconVery Occasional Visitor
Peregrine FalconOccasional Visitor
Purple SwamphenResident/breed
Lewin’s RailPast Visitor
Buff-banded RailFrequent Visitor/breed
Baillon’s CrakeVery Occasional Visitor
Spotted CrakeVery Occasional Visitor
Spotless CrakeVery Occasional Visitor
Black-tailed Native-henVery Occasional Visitor
Dusky MoorhenCommon Resident/breed
Eurasian CootCommon Resident/breed
*Aust. Pied Oyster catcherVery Occasional Visitor
*Sooty Oyster catcherVery Occasional Visitor
Black-winged StiltFrequent/Seasonal Visitor/breed
Red-necked avocetPast Visitor
Red-cappped PloverPast Visitor
Black-fronted DotterelResident/breed 
Red-kneed DotterelFrequent Visitor
Masked LapwingResident 
Latham’s SnipeVery Occasional Visitor
*Common SandpiperPast Visitor
*Common greenshankPast Visitor
RuffPast Visitor
Red-necked StintVery Occasional Visitor
*Sharp-tailed SandpiperPast Visitor
Painted Button-quailVery Occasional Visitor
*Caspian TernPast Visitor
Whiskered TernVery Occasional Visitor
*Crested TernOccasional Visitor
*Pacific GullOccasional Visitor
Silver GullCommon Visitor

Total number of species, including land based birds = 162

Prepared by Andrew McCutcheon and Westgate Biodiversity: Bili Nursery & Landcare,

Last updated 5 March 2020

* Species seen at/along Yarra River only.  Species in bold recorded since bird count surveys commenced in March 2007

Bird names and taxonomic order in accordance with the Australian Checklist, Christidis L. & Boles W.E. (2008).