4 great workshops

Pollinators & Westgate Park, Summer Citizen Science workshop Sun 10 March 10.30am – 1.30pm

At this workshop, you will learn to identify several insect pollinators, including native and non-native bees and butterflies. We will then visit the pollinator observatories to make observations of plant-insect interactions. This is the seventh (and final!) in this series of workshops. See here for more details and to book. Free.

Native Kokedama Workshop, Sat 30 March 11.30am-1pm, Bili Nursery

Learn how to make a Kokedama (hanging planter) using local native species. Kokedama; a Japanese method of creating a moss-bound ball planter. See here for more details and to book. $40

Native Terrarium Workshop, Sat 13 April, 12-1pm, Bili Nursery

Terrariums are a great way to build your own self contained ecosystem. In this workshop we will be showing you how to build one, maintain it and watch it flourish. We will learn all about sand belt plants and ecosystems, and how that can guide you so you can build your own terrarium. See here for more details and to book. $40

Weaving Workshop With Local Native Fibres, Sat 27 April, 1-4pm, Bili Nursery

Using locally harvested native plants, learn how to create your own coiled basket. The core material is visible and can either be a single plant fibre or mixed fibres. Add a bit of colour with found materials such as fabric scraps and wool. Options for stitching materials include hemp twine, raffia or strong cotton. See here for more details and to book. $65