Disappearing plants

Though not listed as threatened in Victoria, many of the 320 native plant species that once existed in the Melbourne region have all but disappeared. (Ref Flora of Melbourne) This makes Westgate Park and Bili Nursery important in protecting and conserving this diversity.

You can help by planting these species in your garden. Below are some of the rare plants we currently have in stock at Bili Nursery. Phone us on 0492 972 652 to order or just call in at 525 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne.

Brachyscome multifida – Cut-leaf Daisy

Lasiopetalum baueri – Slender Velvet-bush

Malva preissiana – Australian Hollyhock

Podolepis jaceoides – Showy Podolepis

Brachyscome basaltica – Basalt Swamp Daisy

Lythrum salicaria – Purple Loosestrife (now in bloom and looking stunning in the compound lagoon at Westgate Park)

Mentha australis – River Mint (edible)