Manager Position Description

Position Description – Manager        


DATE:                          October 2019   

HOURS:                       Full time


PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT:   Westgate Park & Bili Nursery in Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne

Organisation Overview

Westgate Biodiversity: Bili Nursery & Landcare Inc. is a not for profit organisation established for the purpose of (a) enhancing and protecting the natural environment and its biodiversity and (b) educating our members and the wider community on the importance of protecting and enhancing the natural environment, urban biodiversity, and healthy environments by growing and planting locally indigenous plant species and encouraging volunteering and community engagement with the natural environment. It:

  • Provides revegetation and maintenance of locally indigenous plants for Westgate Park.
  • Operates Bili Nursery to produce and supply indigenous plants to Westgate Park, local government, landscape contractors and the community.
  • Advocates for biodiversity through planting indigenous species, for public open space and for members and the general community to volunteer and engage with nature

It is governed by an elected Committee of Management and its sub committees and has paid staff and volunteers.

 Position goals

  • To manage the organisation and ensure it meets its operational requirements and strategic objectives
  • To develop business strategies that grow the organisation and continuously improve its financial stability
  • To advance biodiversity through promotion of indigenous vegetation and public engagement in nursery and park activities.
  • To measure the effectiveness of what we do

Key Responsibilities, Duties and Roles 


  • Facilitate development and implementation of the Strategic Plan and regularly report progress to the Committee of Management and its sub-committees
  • Support the decision-making of the Committee with recommendations and business cases for new initiatives, as required and attend Committee meetings.
  • Identify operational and strategic risks and develop mitigation strategies.
  • Develop activities and programmes for community engagement 
  • Make recommendations to the Employment, Volunteers & OHS Sub Committee in managing staff employment and overseeing volunteer recruitment.
  • Develop and adhere to the approved annual budget
  • Assist the Treasurer in keeping accurate financial records and reporting finances to the Committee
  • Ensure compliance with current laws, including OH&S and contractual obligations and report on these to the Committee

Specific Responsibilities

  • Provide support to the Committee and sub-committees in planning & development of the new works compound, community spaces and nursery
  • Allocate and oversee work priorities and schedules across the nursery and park, in consultation with the Nursery & Landcare Sub Committee, team leaders and the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ensure that OH&S policies and procedures are effective in providing a safe, supportive working environment and comfortable working conditions for all staff and employees

Bili Nursery

  • Build and maintain trusting partnerships and relationships with councils, contractors, other nurseries and other Landcare groups to build the business
  • Grow the retail nursery business including online sales of plants, seeds and merchandise, workshops
  • Develop a propagation schedule and encourage customers to place orders in good time 


  • Deliver on the Landcare Strategy 2019 for plant maintenance and revegetation projects 
  • Liaise with park manager as appropriate
  • Encourage community engagement in volunteering, citizen science and events

    Business development

  • Oversee communications – website, online shop, social media, email communications – and marketing 
  • Oversee grant applications and acquittal in consultation with Volunteer Coordinator and team leaders of Bili Nursery and Bili Landcare.
  • Maintain a good knowledge of best practice in nursery and revegetation activities and in current markets

Organisational Management and Team Work

  • Organise and lead regular team meetings and build a culture that encourages high quality work and relationships
  • Seek out staff development opportunities and actively participant in own role development opportunities
  • Conduct performance reviews of staff

Relationships and Accountabilities 

Reports to:                Committee of Management and Sub Committees

Supervises directly:   Landcare & Bili Nursery Team Leaders

Works closely with:   Landcare Volunteer Coordinator

Key relationships

  • Committee of Management, Sub Committees
  • Work for Dole service providers, members of the community, environmental groups, corporate groups, appropriate personnel in Local, State and Federal Government Departments

Accountability and extent of decision making

  • Required to regularly consult with and report to the Committee regarding overall work directions, operational plans and in the development of new initiatives and policies. (See Delegations Policy)
  • Is responsible for ensuring that appropriate regulations, standards and codes are adhered to together with relevant legal, professional, and ethical obligations and particular contract specifications

Key Selection Criteria

  • Qualifications in nursery management, conservation and land management and/or extensive experience in bushland revegetation.
  • Demonstrated team leadership and project management skills
  • Exceptional communication, interpersonal and liaison skills with a strong emphasis on building networks and relationships with key stakeholders such as community organisations, government bodies and internal personnel.
  • Ability to effectively relate to and engage with a wide cross section of the community and have a passion for local environments and keen interest to spread that passion to volunteers
  • Demonstrated understanding of and experience in adopting appropriate risk management and cost effective approaches to program delivery.
  • Proven ability to work autonomously as well as a part of a dynamic, targets and outcomes focussed team.

Other relevant skills, knowledge and experience

  • Excellent team and people management skills with the ability to engage with a cross section of the community 
  • Understanding of local bushland regeneration techniques and plants.
  • Knowledge and experience in running a plant nursery
  • Effective negotiation, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills
  • Administrative skills including record keeping and IT
  • Excellent organisational and analytical skills
  • Skills in managing time, setting priorities, planning and organising own work to achieve objectives efficiently within available resources and within a set time frame.
  • Good communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • Ability to gain the co-operation and support of environmental and other community interest groups and organisations and interagency staff in the implementation of projects.
  • Ability to effectively liaise with and discuss specialist bushland techniques and nursery management and issues with counterparts in other organisations.
  • Ability to facilitate small group discussions to effectively resolve issues.
  • Experience in managing and coordinating volunteers desirable.
  • Current first aid and Working with Children certificates required