March 4 bird survey

Broadly speaking, surprisingly sparse results for seemingly reasonable morning weather.

There were low numbers of Welcome Swallows and Silver Gulls, but on the other hand satisfying observations of a group of six Brown Thornbills, a similar-sized mob of Red-browed Finches, plus a young Collared Sparrowhawk. Moreover, in keeping with sightings in street trees from other parts of the SouthPort area, Musk Lorikeets were browsing in yellow gums in flower along Lorimer Street. We counted four individuals, but quite likely there were other foraging groups nearby.

The Yarra River section, however, was almost devoid of birdlife around the middle of the day.

In the two-three weeks since the last survey, the level of the saltwater lake has gone down considerably. This must encourage shoreline birds such as stilts and dotterels, the latter of which numbered three, possibly four, this survey.

Interestingly, one of the small ponds close to Westgate Bridge is developing quite a pinkish colour.