November 4 bird survey

Apologies for the late delivery of this report, which, thanks especially to the remarkable efforts of Ursula Dutkiewicz, clearly indicates the continuing range of interesting and sometimes unexpected birds visiting Westgate Park.

Water levels remain high, attracting more Grey Teal than usual. Stilts have returned in modest numbers, and, of unusually high numbers of Superb Fairy Wrens, almost half are ‘blue’ breeding males and those seeking to breed in the future. Sightings of a Brown Quail and a Grey Shrike-thrush are very welcome, compared with a group of six or so Noisy Miners buzzing each other on the access track to the compound.

Note that Noisy Miners are generally only observed along park boundaries.

The female Musk Duck has been resident since last March – we are hoping a mate materializes. Interestingly, the number of Clamorous Reed-warblers has strengthened over the last 2-3 years.