Position description – Manager Westgate Biodiversity

Position title



Type of employment

Place of employment


June 2022



Bili Nursery, 525 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne and Westgate Park, 4 Wharf Road Port Melbourne

Position goals

  • To manage Bili Nursery and ensure it meets its operational requirements and strategic objectives
  • To develop business strategies that grow the nursery and continuously improve the organisation’s financial stability
  • To advance biodiversity through promotion of indigenous vegetation and Westgate Park
  • To measure the effectiveness of what we do

Key Responsibilities, Duties and Roles 

Bili Nursery (currently at Williamstown Road)

  • Adopt best practice systems and records in seed collection, storage and management and ensure adequate supplies of seed stock are held
  • Develop a detailed propagation schedule and meet orders on time
  • Ensure plant stocks are of high quality and maintained to be as weed-free as possible
  • Meet agreed KPIs for plant production, conduct regular stocktakes and account for failures
  • Build and maintain trusting partnerships and relationships with customers – councils, contractors, other nurseries and Landcare groups to build the business

Bili Landcare (at Westgate Park)

  • Assist the volunteer effort at Westgate Park through general advice and support
  • Provide organisational assistance with projects in for example citizen science, as required


  • Assist with development and implementation of the Strategic Plan 
  • Support the decision-making of the Committee with recommendations and business cases for initiatives, as required 
  • Attend Committee meetings
  • Identify operational and strategic risks and develop mitigation strategies.
  • Support activities and programs for community engagement 
  • Make recommendations to the Employment, Volunteers & OHS Sub Committee in staff employment and oversight of volunteer recruitment.
  • Develop and adhere to the approved annual budget unless otherwise agreed
  • Assist the Treasurer in keeping accurate financial records and preparing annual budgets 
  • Ensure compliance with current laws and contractual obligations, and report on these to the Committee
  • Provide support to the Committee and sub-committees in planning & developing the anticipated new works compound, community spaces and expanded nursery relocation to Westgate Park
  • Allocate and oversee work priorities and schedules in consultation with the Nursery & Landcare Sub Committee
  • Ensure that OH&S policies and procedures provide a safe, supportive working environment and comfortable working conditions

Business development

  • Assist with marketing and communications – website, social media, enews 
  • Oversee grant applications and acquittals
  • Keep abreast of best practice, current markets and competitors

Organisational Management and Teamwork

  • Build a culture with staff and volunteers that encourages high quality work and respectful relationships
  • Seek out staff development opportunities and actively participate in own role development opportunities
  • Conduct performance reviews of staff

Relationships and Accountabilities 

Reports to:              Committee of Management and its Sub Committees

Supervises directly:     Bili Nursery team

Works with:                 Bili Landcare volunteer group

Key relationships

  • Committee of Management, Sub Committees
  • Customers
  • Members and volunteers 
  • Members of the community, environmental groups, corporate groups, appropriate personnel in local, state and federal government departments

Accountability and extent of decision making

  • Required to regularly consult with and report to the Committee regarding overall work directions, operational plans and in the development of new initiatives.
  • Must ensure that policies and delegations of authority are adhered to.
  • Must ensure that appropriate regulations, standards and codes are adhered to and relevant legal, professional, and ethical obligations and particular contract specifications are met.

Key Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated experience in nursery management, preferably in indigenous plants
  • Demonstrated sound team leadership, interpersonal relationships, and volunteer management skills
  • Exceptional communication, problem-solving and negotiation skills 
  • Ability to build networks and relationships with key stakeholders
  • Taking cost-effective approaches to program delivery.

Other relevant skills, knowledge and experience

  • Administrative skills in record-keeping and IT
  • Skills in managing time, setting priorities, planning and organising own work to achieve objectives efficiently and within available resources.
  • Ability to effectively discuss nursery management with counterparts in other organisations.

Requirements (must be current)First aid certificate

  • Working with Children certificate
  • Drivers’ license 
  • Chemical user certificate

Organisation Overview

Westgate Biodiversity: Bili Nursery & Landcare Inc. is a not for profit organisation established for the purpose of: 

(a) enhancing and protecting the natural environment and its biodiversity and 

(b) educating our members and the wider community on the importance of protecting and enhancing the natural environment, urban biodiversity, and healthy environments by growing and planting locally indigenous plant species and encouraging volunteering and community engagement with the natural environment. It:

  • Provides revegetation and maintenance of locally indigenous plants for Westgate Park.
  • Operates Bili Nursery to produce and supply indigenous plants to Westgate Park, local government, landscape contractors and the community.
  • Advocates for biodiversity through planting indigenous species, for public open space and for members and the general community to volunteer and engage with nature.

It is governed by an elected Committee of Management and its sub committees and has both paid staff and volunteers.
Bili Landcare has been revegetating the 40ha. Westgate Park for two decades – work done almost entirely by volunteers.