Our aim in putting plants in the ground is to improve biodiversity – that’s a given. But what we most want to see is sustainability – plants healthy and reproducing, kept in balance by natural processes.  

Very dry conditions and, until the last few years, hundreds of rabbits, has meant very little regeneration but this autumn/winter has been quite wet and new shoots and self-seeded plants are appearing everywhere.

In the Southern Wetlands, Viminaria juncea, a leafless, fast-growing shrub was laden with red and yellow pea flowers last summer and now seedlings cover the ground and these can be used to grow up for the next generation Native Broom.

The Windmill Soak dried out completely over summer but is now full of water and frogs. The beautiful aquatic fern, Marsillea drummondii – Nardoo and the Alisma Plantago-aquatica – Water Plantain, are some of the many plants regenerating.