Tangaroa Blue at Westgate Park

On 18 October our friends at Tangaroa Blue visited us to survey and collect litter.  Tangaroa Blue is an Australia-wide not for profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris, and have visited us a number of times over recent years to survey the Yarra River at Westgate Park.  

Volunteers from Westgate Biodiversity, Port Philip EcoCentre and over 80 corporate volunteers from Melbourne-based industries surveyed the river shoreline collecting litter and nurdles.  A nurdle is a small plastic pellet used to create virtually anything plastic.  Accidental spillage and mishandling means billions of nurdles end up in the ocean creating countless problems within the marine ecosystem.  

This event provided the opportunity to explain the problems caused by escaped nurdles and ask industry leaders to ensure they work to stop this happening at source.