Bird Survey 2 Aug

The park has had good rain, and water levels have risen in the lakes and wetlands.

The day of the survey was windy, which partly explains the modest tally of 40 species. Moreover raptors are rare these days, and water levels generally too high for the larger waders.

Eastern Spinebills have been with us for 4 to 5 months, to our great pleasure. They appreciate banksias and dense ground cover. Sighting an immature golden whistler further underlined the park’s value for smaller passerines.

Although noisy miners frequent the boundaries of the park, it is very rare to see them within, probably due to the dense and layered habitat we have created over the last two decades. In other words, because noisy miners like open, more or less savannah conditions, they do not enter more complex vegetation types.

Volunteers are back in force. We especially pay tribute to David Lamb, our indefatigable anti-litter specialist.