Bird Survey 4 October

Just in time for the result of the highly competitive Guardian Australia Bird Of The Year poll, comes our October survey featuring not only the deserved winner, the superb fairywren, but also another top-5 finisher, the Galah.

The superb fairywren has become one of the most common birds in Westgate Park, with 54 sightings including 30 blue.

The Galah clocked 3 sightings, making up a total of 63 species spotted in the park.


The water in both major lakes was at high levels and noticeably clearer than usual – could this be due to the considerable growth resulting from recent excellent rains providing better than usual coverage of the soil?

A brushtail possum has returned to roost in a tree close to the barbecue shelter. The perch, located where the tree was snapped off in a storm, is very exposed although recent epicormic shoots have obscured the spot somewhat.

Not for the first time, a pair of hobby hobbies has nested at the top of the crane at the Wharf Road CFMEU training centre.