Bird survey 1 November

Westgate Park Bird Count
Australasian Grebe on nest of floating algae. Six out of the eight grebes were nesting or constructing a nest. (Pic: Andrew McCutcheon)

This survey recorded the first eastern rosella seen in the park 2016.

Clamorous reed warblers are back in number, and the high number of white-browed scrub-wrens.

The water in both major lakes is at very high levels, with almost all the smaller islands in the Large Freshwater Lake fully submerged.

Whilst clearer than usual, the Large Freshwater Lake hosts large patches of green algae but very few water birds with all species in very low numbers.

Continuing excellent rains have brought dense growth in many parts of the park, along with weeds.

The high number of white-browed scrub-wrens indicates that past surveys have generally under-estimated the numbers of this elusive species in Westgate Park.