Jan 2019 bird survey

photos by Euan Moore

a Bird Survey 7 Jan 2019

Water levels in both lakes are high, and water quality in the freshwater lakes and southern wetlands appears very good. Water quality in the saltwater lake is average, with an algal bloom on one small water body south of the saltwater lake.

There was little flowering, one exception being the park’s bursarias, however the vegetation looks healthy thanks to November–December rain.

Interesting/notable sightings:

• Reed Warblers were present in the best numbers for some years – new shoreline stands of reeds planted by volunteers surely help

• Waterbirds are breeding with dependent young observed of several species. Two Australasian Grebes were sitting on nests, and apparently four Black-winged Stilts

• Nankeen Night-herons (4 adults) were in larger numbers than usual; normally only singles or pairs are seen

• Two Pied Oystercatchers were flying upstream along the Yarra

• Around a dozen Australian White Ibis were observed feeding in wetlands, which is unusual. Since the ibis colony relocated two decades ago ibis have mainly been recorded flying overhead.

• A Grey Butcherbird heard calling was possibly the bird observed during December