Our Strategic plan – 2018/20

Year 2 – Consolidate & measure with some expansion

  • New Compound/Community space/Nursery
    • Make as much progress as possible on the lease for the triangle site, planning and construction
  • Expand Bili Nursery sales generally 
  • Commence production of Western Plains plants 
  • Maintain our success in attracting grant monies for our Bili Landcare projects to:
    • Complete the Westgate Embankment & Wharf Road triangle landscaping & revegetation 
    • Develop a water management plan
    • Develop a plan for saltmarsh areas
  • Develop and implement a maintenance schedule for revegetated areas of the park
  • Develop a plan for evaluation of revegetation and propagation efforts 
  • Increase our numbers of members, supporters and volunteers 
  • Increase numbers of visitors to the website and our engagement on social media
  • Build and consolidate partnerships with like-minded organisations, especially EcoCentre, friends groups west of the Yarra and other nurseries
  • Work with the Boon Wurrung and develop a Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Invest surplus revenue in nursery infrastructure and community programs
  • Increase engagement in citizen science

Year 1 – Consolidate

  • Fully realise the amalgamation of FoWP & SKINC to form Westgate Biodiversity: Bili Nursery & Landcare
    • Understand our business, prepare a business plan
    • Fully integrate our operations – embed organisational structures, systems and cultures
    • Realise the anticipated benefits of amalgamating and measure these
    • Complete the website with operational online sales
    • Commence delivery services
    • Implement a communications plan to build awareness of our ‘brand’
    • Bring our members, supporters, volunteers and interested parties along with us
  • Achieve ACNC registration (done) and deductible gift recipient status
  • New compound, community space and nursery
    • Develop a plan and progress the lease negotiation with Parks Victoria for the triangle site
  • Complete work on the Southern Wetlands and Riverland projects
  • Initiate a water management plan
  • Initiate conversations with people working in Western plains plants as preparation for future work in this area
  • Prepare a stakeholder map
  • Influence and play a role in bringing indigenous vegetation to Fishermans Bend Urban Development

Adopted 2019 as part of the Strategic Plan  2018 to 2021-22