Volunteers bounce back at WBBNL

Propagation will be on the list for volunteer activities in April

After two difficult, COVID-affected years, Westgate Biodiversity and Bili Nursery Landcare is set to relaunch its volunteer program.

Starting soon in the nursery, potential volunteers who have previously expressed an interest will be contacted with the aim of ramping up activities through April.

WBBNL’s co-manager with responsibility for organising the volunteer program, Mars Reid said: “We’ve had a lot of interest in volunteering over the summer that we haven’t been able to action.

“The people that sent in forms to volunteer will be contacted to organise some batch inductions and then get people onto a roster.”

April is a timely point of the year for voluntary effort with a seasonal focus on moving stock around the nursery, such as relocating stock from shady to sunnier spots to help maintain plant growth.

“April is also when our orders go out to council. Volunteers will help us to prepare these orders,” Mars said.

Other activities in the wetter months include: plant propagation; opportunities for seed collection; working bees to tidy up the nursery site, with the bonus of free excess plants for volunteers.

And in Westgate Park, the cooler weather brings more opportunities for planting and maintaining previous plantings

Regular volunteers returning to the park will be pleased to see renovations to the compound: a new leak-proof roof and gutter; fresh, clean plant tables; and new gravel.

Watch this space for more news.