31 Jan Bird survey

Juvenile male budgerigar in Westgate Park (Pic: Daniel Gilmore)

Lake levels are still very high, and the park is a pleasure to explore.

Interesting species this month were an Australian Darter, a Brown Quail and a Budgerigar, the first for the park and apparently a wild bird rather than an aviary escapee, which unfortunately cannot be confirmed (Thanks, Daniel Gilmore for the detailed sighting report in the bird survey below).

The absence of Welcome Swallows is concerning, while the absence of frog calls is surprising. Moreover, Silver Gulls were low in number.

The last sighting of a brown quail in Westgate Park was in November 2018 (Pic: Daniel Gilmor)

On the other hand, the surveyors had the impression of abundant insect life including damselflies and spectacular turquoise and yellow dragonflies.

They also watched a small group of Superb Fairy Wrens feeding a Horsfield’s Bronze Cuckoo near the

Regarding Superb Fairy Wrens, today’s count has recorded the most ever at 98 in the park.

This indicates the habitat must be in optimal condition with the vegetation supporting an abundance of small insects and other invertebrates on which the wrens depend as a food resource.