1000 new plants at Lagoon Reserve

Huge thanks to the Citywide organisation for helping rescue an indigenous-plant project in Port Melbourne’s Lagoon Reserve.

Plans for an annual day of community planting had been cancelled for a second time this year due to Covid restrictions, when Citywide, which manages City of Port Phillip’s parks and open spaces, stepped in to get 1000 plants in the ground.

All the plants came from our own Bili Nursery, which means they are not only locally sourced but also locally appropriate indigenous species.

Monday 16th August saw grasses and tougher species planted next to paths. A diverse selection, including goodenia ovata and kennedia prostrata, infilled on either side of the reserve’s north-eastern Liardet Street entrance.

As warmer and dryer weather arrives, completing the project was particularly timely.

Citywide has undertaken to maintain water for the plants during the establishment phase.